Current 2019 Workshops:

Loosen Up Have Fun With Acrylics! 

Do you want to have fun with painting?  Then this class is for you. Art can be intimidating and many people are too afraid to even try it thinking they aren't “artistic”.  We will smash that notion. We will just start painting, you learn best by doing. We will work fast and loose, layering our canvas with color, blocking in shapes, and adding definition to create a beautiful masterpiece.  First timers are my favorite! I want to introduce you to the fun of paint, we will use spray bottles and drip, splat, brush, even use our hands to create magic.  The object of this course is to have you fall in love with painting and give you the confidence to see yourself as a good artist.Content includes how to begin, paints to use, supplies, how to set up your space, what to paint, painting at least 3 finished paintings themed on floral, abstract and interior.  Reference photos are encouraged.  I guarantee a good time and skills to take you on your way to continued painting. Email Carrie today!

**New added class on Wednesdays at the Tannery from 1:00-3:30

I have attended Carrie’s class over three times, because I discover something new and exciting each time.
— Marilyn Bosworth
To sign up and get more information go to this link:

To sign up and get more information go to this link:

Painting is self discovery. Every good artist paints what he is
— Jackson Pollack